Exploring Observable notebook

By Jonas Bengtsson

Feb 26, 2023

When deciding how to document Dossier I've been looking into notebooks, which I first came across in the form of Jupyter. I stumbled across Observable but I never took the time to try it out fully. Now I've been playing around with it and I think it's a great fit to document something like Dossier.

Dossier is flexible and can already run fully in the browser, as we do in Playground. For production you would of course run the server in a backend, but it's powerful to have the option to run it in the browser for prototyping and documentation.

Observable can run javascript in a notebook, it has support for SQLite databases, and has powerful documentation and visualization tools. Getting Dossier up and running (apart from the React web interface) was quite straightforward.

I'm not sure to which extent I'll use Observable for Dossier documentation, but it's a great tool to have in the toolbox. And each time I've integrated with a new runtime or framework has been educational.

Please head over to Observable and check out the notebook: Exploring Dossier in Observable.