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Keep control of your content

Dossier is an open source toolkit for building headless CMSs.

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Your content ⚡️

You own the content, store it where you want. PostgreSQL and SQLite supported.

Scalable ⚖️

Small enough to run the full stack in the browser (in-memory SQLite database), flexible enough for large installations using PostgreSQL.

Bring your own auth 🔑

Dossier doesn’t come with its own auth, instead it allows you to integrate with any existing solution you already have.

Secure all content 🤫

You’re in charge of who should have access to the content. Content can be public or accessible to a group or person.

User generated and editorial content 🤝

Thanks to the flexible access control, you can have both user generated content and editorial content in the same database.

Developer friendly ⌨️

Generated TypeScript types and GraphQL schema out of the box.
Create local test environments in under a second.
Everything is open source so you can see how everything is built and contribute improvements.

Dossier enables you to build solutions where you’re in full control of the content. By bringing your own auth (authentication and authorization), database and backend, you can build a headless Content Management System (CMS) and integrate it with your app.

Now what? 🗺️

Read the docs to learn more or jump straight in and try it out in the Playground.

Dossier is in active development so everything is not yet supported. Check out limitations for more details.


Developed with ❤️ by Jonas Bengtsson. Send an ✉️ email or 🐛 create an issue on GitHub if you have any questions!